Primarily, I am a wife and mother. I am married to a loving and supportive husband and we have two wonderful kids who keep me busy much of the time, a daughter (age 3), and a son (age 4). I have always enjoyed being physically active, but I stayed in my comfort zone for many years.
After having my children, I developed a deeper passion for nutrition and exercise as I realized that I could control my body composition with the correct program. In turn, that passion drove me to become certified to train others to do as I had done and reach their potential for health and wellness.
Becoming a personal trainer pushed me to see how capable I am to live a strong and healthy lifestyle. Once I achieved my short-term goals, one being competing in the NC States National Physique Committee as a figure contestant, I discovered what will be a lifelong confidence and a passion for training others.
I believe in applying nutrition and strength training to help meet each client’s needs.
To me, a training session is more than picking up weights. It is a time to see what we are capable of—both mentally and physically.
We all have a story to share and I believe in using our experiences to become stronger versions of ourselves.

I began Stak House to give local friends a place to achieve their fitness goals in a small group of like minded women.
Stak House has now grown to multiple Boot Camp Classes and Online training.
I believe in the blessing that is Stak House and that when we put the work in, we can achieve our goals.

Katie Szostak

ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, ETP Nutrition Coach