Stak House

Welcome to Stak House Fitness and Boot Camp, a one stop shop for fitness and nutrition.

Stak House began as gym but has now become a fitness community; a place of growth and inspiration through personal programming.

Let’s work together to see what you can achieve!



How to begin!!! I was at a point in my life that I didn’t know where to go. I had already lost 40 pounds on my own by changing my eating habits and starting the couch to 5K, but I was LOST on what to do in the gym. I had been going with a friend but wasn’t getting to where I wanted to be fast enough and only small results. When I was introduced to StakHouse, I was nervous and hesitant about whether it would be for me or not, then after my very first class with Katie, I was hooked!!! I signed up the very next week and have been with Katie ever since. That was two years ago now. Even though I do not workout with her in a class setting anymore, she still writes my workout plans and helps me keep my food macros where I need them to reach my current goals. We check in with each other almost weekly and if I need something changed or want to adjust my workouts, she’s quick to get back to me. Customizes everything to what I’m needing at that point and listens to my needs.
I’ve lost a total of 80 pounds to date and can not wait to finish this last leg with Katie by my side. She’s been with me through every rough patch, every set back, and has always helped pick me back up, push me to keep moving forward, and inspires me to know I can achieve exactly what I put my mind to. If you are looking for someone to get you where you want to go, Katie is your girl. I thank God every day that I “happened” to walk into her garage that day. She changed my life forever!!!


In Katie and Stak House I found not only a way to work out but a community! It was amazing to get to learn how to lift in a non-intimidating environment while making amazing friends. I have never been stronger, more physically able, or learned more then when I worked out in stak house. Katie also trained me long distance and I could not have asked for me. The workouts were challenging but taking into account your own abilities. I whole heartedly recommend it!