Stak House

Welcome to Stak House Fitness and Boot Camp, a one stop shop for fitness and nutrition.

Stak House began as gym but has now become a fitness community; a place of growth and inspiration through personal programming.

Let’s work together to see what you can achieve!



Katie Szostak and Stak House have changed my life forever!
Whenever I met Katie, I was 9 months postpartum and the heaviest I had ever been at 217 pounds. I had never been a person who worked out consistently, and I felt totally out of my league, but I was desperate for change. Katie recognized that desperation and came alongside me and helped me turn it into determination!
Katie’s workouts and meal plans helped me to accomplish my goals: lose weight, get healthy and strong, and run a mile in under nine minutes. It’s nearly 3 years since I met Katie and became a part of Stakhouse, and I am 60 lbs lighter and in the best shape of my life at almost 40 years old!!! I can run a mile in about 8 minutes, and I can deadlift and squat about 225lbs.
Honestly, I’d never have thought any of this was possible, but with Katie’s help and the support of my Stakhouse friends, I realized that the only thing holding me back was me. Katie encouraged me, challenged me, held me accountable, and fostered my confidence to take control of my health and fitness for myself, my husband, and my son. My life is forever changed because of Katie. She is an absolute godsend, and I thank God for her and Stakhouse!


In Katie and Stak House I found not only a way to work out but a community! It was amazing to get to learn how to lift in a non-intimidating environment while making amazing friends. I have never been stronger, more physically able, or learned more then when I worked out in stak house. Katie also trained me long distance and I could not have asked for me. The workouts were challenging but taking into account your own abilities. I whole heartedly recommend it!